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#93 MECHFORCE (Shareware) - 60 points Battle Tech clone, in which you pit two huge lumbering piles of technology against each other, armed only with Windows 95 and a soldering iron.#92 SPEEDBALL (Mirrorsoft/Bitmap Brothers) - 60 points Second in line to the throne of futuristic sports sims (the crown belonging to the sequel), Speedball has the Bitmap trademarks of groovy graphics and superb sound coupled with the charms of football and extreme violence.It's very much the poor brother of the sequel, but it set a standard on it's release.

The graphics were taken directly from the coin-op original, and the gameplay has been carefully honed to mimic the arcade parent perfectly, even down to the infinitely complex bonus system.#100 BLOOD MONEY (Psygnosis/DMA Design) - 55 points Dave Jones chucked in a job in the Timex factory in Dundee, Scotland (the city where I work, fact fans) to found DMA Design.The first release was Menace, a simple shoot'em'up, and it was quickly followed by Blood Money; another shoot'em'up, pushing the Amiga further than anyone else had at the time.The Braybrook and Turner partnership at it's very best.#96 SHANGHAI (various) - 58 points The ancient Chinese game of tile-picking seems popular with our readership.

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