Fajines etnicos online dating

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Fajines etnicos online dating

In addition to Islamic beliefs, spiritism (beliefs that incorporate use of charms and amulets) is also widespread among the Tajiks. The Tajiks have known frequent war and internal tribal strife.

Their territories have continually been invaded over the centuries by Arabians, Greeks, Mongolians, Persians, Turks, Russians, and the British.

One vast habitat is the rugged, mountainous Panjsher Valley north of Kabul where poor farmers and herders live in villages of flat-roofed mud brick or stone houses.

When water is plentiful the country's finest fruits and nuts, as well as various grain crops, are produced here.

Even poor farmers welcome guests with tea, bread and yogurt.

Forcefully converted to Islam by Arabs in the 7th century, Afghan Tajiks remain almost entirely Muslim.

Creative expressions include handsome carpets, ceramics, richly embroidered costumes and men's brightly colored caps and jewelry.

The Islamic religion is very difficult to influence.

Converts to Christianity will more than likely be "banished" from their families.

A tall, slender, fair-skinned people with blue or green eyes and often with red or blond hair, intermarriage with Turks and Mongolians introduced almond-shaped eyes and straight black hair to their physical characteristics.

An old Turkish expression, "Tajik" is synonymous with "Persian".

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