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So Patrick and I slept for almost two days after that."For now Hoffman feels incredibly grateful for where his career is at."I'm trying to slow down right now and appreciate this (job).

‘ first 99 episodes, Rick Hoffman’s eccentric, endearing, and very flawed lawyer has become one of the best elements of the series. I can’t tell you.” In honor of 100th episode, which airs Wednesday, EW called Hoffman to discuss his favorite Louis moments over the past seven seasons, from the moment Louis learned Mike’s (Patrick J.

"Louis loves it, Rick hates it but it's gotten easier because the crew has perfected it now but it still sucks," he says.

The scene with Jessica [Gina Torres] was, even to this day is still, for me, was the most daunting in the sense of, ‘Oh god, I know how I want this to go.

If you already love Louis, then you’ll love the character even more after you read about the man behind him.

Similar to his costar Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman is a father.

Rick Hoffman spent nine years waiting tables before being cast in a television series and now he is starring in one of the biggest shows in the world.

The 46-year-old actor, who visited our shores as part of a publicity blitz, plays quirky corporate lawyer Louis Litt in the hit US comedy drama READ MORE: *Louis Litt is desperately seeking Jemaine Clement *Suits renewed for Season 7 *Suits star Gabriel Macht on what's next on Suits, and getting to Harvey Specter The series also stars Gabriel Macht, who plays the tough-talking Harvey Specter, and Meghan Markle whose role as Rachel is being overshadowed by her romance with Prince Harry.

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He desperately wants to be respected, and yet he can’t help but undercut his attempts at gaining respect. Adams) secret to him declaring his eats c—k for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.