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High-speed rendering and real-time performance mean less time waiting and more time creating.In particular we investigate whether state and local fiscal factors influence the migration decisions of retirees, and we study the relative importance of fiscal and other factors in these decisions. We estimate an individual-level location-choice model by using a combination of place-characteristics data and Census county-to-county migration data for the period 1985–1990.We find that levels of tax burdens and public services can affect location decisions.Competing claims have been made about whether these older migrants drive a need for additional government services (Bryant & El-Attar, 1984; Longino & Biggar, 1981) or enhance a local government's economy and tax base without imposing heavy demands on local services (Stallman, Deller, & Shields 1999; Longino & Crown, 1989; Woods, Miller, Voth, Song, & Jones, 1997).Some states have developed strategies for attracting retirees (Eckl, 1986; Reeder, 1998; Stallmann & Siegel, 1995) analogous to economic development programs aimed at attracting high-tech or manufacturing firms.

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Although income tax reductions might influence the location decisions of recent retirees, whether or not the economic benefits associated with these population gains outweigh the accompanying revenue losses is an important area for further research.

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